Blue = My hometown Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Red = Colombia (2x), United States, Suriname, Paraguay, Brazil, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Russia, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Bosnia, Morocco, The Gambia, Senegal, Liberia, Burkina Faso (2x), Ghana, Benin, Kenya (4x), Uganda (2x), Zambia (2x) Mozambique (3x), Malawi (2x), Iraq, Jordania (2x), Afghanistan (2x), India (2x), Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia (3x), Bangladesh, Niger, Lebanon, Greece (2x), South Africa, Thailand and Somaliland/


Some examples of reportages:

  • Radio stations on the countryside, Benin - RNW Radio Netherlands

  • Landmine victims, Colombia - UNICEF

  • Coffee farmers, Brazil - UTZ Certified

  • Trendy hairdressers in Rio, Brazil - Keune Hairproducts

  • Daily life around the question 'how are you', Iraq - Personal Project

  • Ismael and his family, Burkina Faso - UNICEF

  • Girls education, Afghanistan - UNICEF

  • Favorite places of the city Kabul, Afghanistan - Personal project

  • Urban Agriculture, Liberia, CARE International

  • Popular singers in Nairobi, Kenya, RNW Radio Netherlands

  • Children without parents because of HIV/AIDS, Mozambique - UNICEF

  • Cheap holidays and mass tourism, The Gambia - Personal project

  • Professional wakeboarder Cyril, Spain - O'Neill

  • Child mortality because of HIV/AIDS, Zambia - UNICEF

  • Microcredit for vanilla farmers, Uganda - CARE International

  • Garment workers, Bangladesh & Cambodia - Clean Clothes Campaign

  • Tea plantations and entrepreneurs, India - UTZ Certified

  • Girls prostitution, Malawi - AIDS Fonds

  • Press freedom and activism, Paraguay - RNW Radio Netherlands

  • Active holidays, Jordania - Schiphol Travel Magazine

  • Coffee farmers and cooperations, Ghana - UTZ Certified

  • The right to education for Khadji, Senegal, Stichting Kinderpostzegels

  • Arabic tourism in Zell am See, Austria - Personal project

  • The border between Belgium and Holland, Belgium - Personal project

  • Gay rights and male prostitution, Indonesia - AIDS Fonds

  • Child marriages, Niger - UNICEF

  • Children refugees in camps, Jordania - UNICEF

  • Conversations between tourists and refugees, Greece - Personal project

  • Ouside Syria, refugees in camps, Lebanon - Personal Project

  • Children with malnutricion, Mozambique - UNICEF

  • Young gay couples, Kenya & Bali/Indonesia, SRHR Alliance

  • Effects of drought, Somaliland, Save the Children