Photography started for me 29 years ago, at the age of fifteen. At my mothers anniversary my uncle Cor gave me his old darkroom equipment. I got immediately addicted to the athmosphere and excitement of printing your own photo's. 


At the age of nineteen, I began my professional career as an autodidact on-the-run photo journalist. For more than three years I covered local events for newspapers in the south of the Netherlands. 

In 2000 I moved to Amsterdam where I studied at the Photo Academy (1997-2000), besides working as an assistant on large commercial photo shoots, and doing reportages and portraits for many different magazines.

In 2006 I had the honor of becoming one of the twelve participants in World Press Photo’s annual Joop Swart Masterclass.

Since 2005 NGO's and companies have sent me abroad around 50 times to photograph their projects and campaigns, mostly in Africa, Asia and Middle East.  

Every year I work on a self initiated project. Examples are ‘Baghdad Today’, ‘A Monday in Kabul’, ‘Outside Syria’, ‘Letters to Joep’ ‘Nederland O Nederland’ en my film ‘The Island of All Together’. All of these projects were published worldwide.

For commercial assignments in the Netherlands and abroad that requires production, I work with a professional team of producers and a postproduction office.


Awards & Masterclass:


  • 2006: Participant Joop Swart Masterclass World Press Photo

  • 2010: Hollands Diep prize (personal portraits)

  • 2012: 3rd prize Zilveren Camera (Swimming pools)

  • 2012: PANL Award (Baghdad)

  • 2014: 1st prize Zilveren Camera (Kabul)

  • 2015: 3th prize Zilveren Camera (Das Paradies)

  • 2016: 1th prize Zilveren Camera Innovative Photojournalism (The Island of All Together)


Selected publications:


TV and radio: