On request, I give lectures about my work to all kind of different companies, organizations and private groups. The length can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours, and can be in Dutch or English.

The content is flexible per audience, but mostly it is built around my motivation behind the projects 'Baghdad Today', 'A Monday in Kabul', 'Outside Syria', 'The Island of All Together', 'Brieven aan Joep' and 'Nederland O Nederland.' In a lively and narrative lecture with many photo's, short video's and personal stories I'll take the audience on an adventure to countries who are only seen in the news because of the conflict. 

Besides that I also like to tell about the huge role and influence media has in society, and what we can do with it. I love to inspire photographers to become storytellers. 



* Lectures: please take a look at my blog or write me an email.

* Workshops: twice a year I will  give a 2-days workshop at Hollandse Hoogte, The Hague (in Dutch). Click here to see if there is an upcoming workshop.