First of all the everyday conversations I have on the streets, in the bakery or in line in the supermarket inspire me most.  

Besides that I love the imaginative stories from Franz Kafka and Roald DahlBooks like 'Het zijn net mensen' (They are just like real people) from Dutch journalist Joris Luijendijk, 'Het huis van Khala' (The house of Khala) from Dutch writer Minka Nijhuis, and many book of international correspondents have given me the inspiration to look from a different angle..

The documentary 'Which way is the frontline from here?' about Tim Hetherington gave me important insights  in my personal role as a storyteller besides only being a photographer. It also gave me clearness in my questions I have had about war since I was a child. I wrote a personal piece on it.

I always love the small stories from Dutch photographer Ad Nuis. And on TV I love to watch the little but important stories on Metropolis TV and clips from Man bijt hond. 

In a map on my computer I can't stop collecting images from photographers like Diane Arbus, Mary Ellen Mark, August Sander, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Bruce Weber, Rineke Dijkstra and Edward Weston, to name a few. But the map contains also photos from unknown photographers. The paintings of Ilja Repin, René Magritte and Georgia O'Keeffe are important to me.


Here are some of my favorites: